The 25 year system guarantee as investment protection


Our Guarantee Agreement

For all passive components and recommended installation cables manufactured by TKM, a functional guarantee of 25 years is given.

Due to a modern and automatic production as well as continuous electrical and optical quality tests, an optimal production result of all coordinated components is possible. All products are designed in such a way that they are robust and easy to install and can therefore be used in a simple and time-saving manner.

However, the assured transmission properties in the overall cabling system are only achieved through professional handling. When professionally installed by trained system partners, a 25-year guarantee is therefore granted on the overall system. This ensures a high level of investment protection.

optiLAN What is it?

Investment protection for the benefit of the customer

With the optiLAN cabling system, customers receive investment protection for their networks over a long period of time. This ensures that the steadily increasing data rates and the resulting growth in transmission rates can be covered by the existing network structures for a period of 25 years.

Even today, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) is not uncommon and is more likely to be regarded as the usual standard. New network structures under construction today should therefore be capable of at least 10GbE or even aim for 40GbE or 100GbE with further considerations.

optiLAN The concept

Our core properties:

With the concept, based on structured, universal cabling according to the currently valid standards and/or draft standards, data and communication networks are designed future-proof, i.e. with a high investment protection – at an optimal price-performance ratio – by using technically mature, passive and shielded products according to standardized category (Cat. X).

The concept includes these 4 core features:

  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Passive, shielded “Category” components
  • Technically mature products
  • International standards: EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801


Tertiary cabling (copper cabling):

The highly shielded, easy-to-install RJ45 components developed by TKM meet the requirements of EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801 and all values of EIA/TIA 568 and often exceed them with performance reserves.

When using standard terms and values that represent a design state, the products used by TKM are at least marked in the valid data sheets. In combination with high quality data cables (e.g. brand TKM 1000 MHz, 1200MHz or 2000MHz) 40GbE transmissions can be guaranteed today.


Secondary and primary cabling (fiber optic cabling):

All components are state of the art today. The fiber optic connector components and fiber optic cables used from various brand manufacturers are optimally matched to each other so that the maximum lengths required in DIN EN 50173 can be met with system reserves.

optiLAN The functional Guarantee

Included with tertiary cabling:

  • Category (Cat. X) properties according to EN 50173 or ISO/IEC 11801
  • The mating cycles of the sockets and connectors tested in the wear area
  • The contact properties of the insulation displacement connections
  • The link performance according to the above mentioned standard for the tertiary range


Included for secondary and primary cabling:

  • The link performance for secondary and primary (fiber optic cabling) is guaranteed by the warranted characteristics of the cables and the component manufacturers
  • By means of a traceable and secured measurement documentation, every single fiber is measured, logged and made available to the customer. Prerequisite for the optiLAN guarantee is the professional installation by certified system partners according to the installation instructions of TKM as well as the current optiLAN guideline

EN 50173 - ISO/IEC 11801

Certified system partners

Investment protection

Certification Process

For system partners

We as a manufacturer offer future system partners (SP) 1 suitable trainings, so also an optiLAN training.

At least two people 2 from the partner company are trained by us on our cabling solutions and the optiLAN conditions 3.

The system partner then receives an optiLAN system partner certificate (CC) and each trained training participant receives an optiLAN person certificate (PC) 4.

From this point on, the system partner is certified and authorized to build optiLAN networks.


Registration Form

PC – Person Certificate
CC  – Company Certificate

Certification Process

For your construction project

The certification of a construction project starts with the registration of a project by the system partner (SP) 1. Through the registration, the system partner is then also provided with individual support for it.

After delivery 2 and installation of the cabling system 3 the system partner prepares the acceptance measurement and a material list of the installed products 4.

The measurement reports are checked at TKM with the material list for correctness 5 and then the issuing of the optiLAN guarantee agreement and guarantee certificate is started.

The guarantee agreement (GA) and the guarantee certificate (GC) 6 are concluded between the system partner and TKM, the certificate also goes to the investor (INV).


Registration Form

GA – Guarantee Agreement

GC – Guarantee Certificate